Internet Insurance is a unique World Wide Web Insurance Agency that specializes in the medical insurance needs of: college students; new/recent graduates; students who study abroad, and; international visitors and travelers to or from any country. More than 90% of our clients come from these areas. These specific markets motivated us to become the -1st- to market these kinds of insurance services via the Internet's World Wide Web. Thank you for visiting our site. We invite you to tCOBRA_Insurancee advantage of our 35+ years of medical insurance experience and look forward to helping you obtain the Student, Temporary, International Travel or Visitors medical coverage you need. If you are between jobs; starting a new one; a new/recent college graduate; tCOBRA_Insuranceing a semester off from college, or if you are relocating to another area of the country... chances are: You have no health insurance, or;  You are paying a substantial amount for 'COBRA' continuation coverage and, even after you find that new job, most employers have a waiting period before you are eligible for company benefits. Temporary Health Insurance was designed to help in these situations A Special Note To New Graduates and their Parents... If your Graduate is over 19, the end of "full-time student" status usually means the loss of medical coverage under a parent's policy. This also happens any time a student's course credit load drops below their school's "full-time student" status. Too often, parents and students discover this only after a claim is denied by their family's insurer! Don't let it happen to you! You can obtain economical Temporary Health Insurance coverage that will bridge the gap between graduation and the start of a new job, or for any other circumstances that cause breCOBRA_Insurances in your "full-time student" status. Coverage is available for as little as 30 days or for as long as 6 months. STUDY ABROAD COVERAGE HIGHLIGHTS Medical Coverage for illness/injury  Toll free International Assistance Network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit Emergency Reunion benefit Repatriation benefit (in the event of loss of life) Accidental death & dismemberment benefit Coverage periods of up to 12 months
Most U.S. health insurance programs provide little or no coverage outside the United States. This special health insurance program was designed for: U.S. citizens; permanent residents of the U.S.; international student in the U.S.; or enrolled as a full-time student in a U.S. institution and are temporarily pursuing educational activities outside of the United States. International students are not eligible for coverage in their home country. The policy provides coverage from your date of departure until your date of return to the USA. It includes several special coverages not typically found in most health insurance programs. These unique coverages are tailored to the special circumstances of your "Study Abroad" experience. Coverage for dependents is also available. Rates are based upon your age and the length of time you will be studying outside the USA.  Here is the full text of the law. Many healthy people simply need temporary health insurance. You should consider electing COBRA if you are pregnant, over 50, in poor health, or attached to your current doctor. You may not qualify anyway. Continuation benefits are more expensive than personal health policies (contrary to popular belief), because there is no medical underwriting. You do not get a significant reduction in premium because there is a larger group of people involved. Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, if you don't get a notice mailed or hand delivered to you (and are qualified), you can either contact a government investigator, sue in federal court, or both. This might only mCOBRA_Insurancee sense in case of an accident, premature birth, catastrophic illness or other expensive medical emergency. No one has gotten rich off the $110 per day awarded to former employees of negligent employers. Also look in our state law directory to see if your state has enacted any mini cobra laws. COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, is a statute that guarantees employees and their families continued insurance coverage for a specified amount of time after termination of group health insurance coverage with the company.  Though most people associate COBRA benefits with loss of a job, there are several qualifying events the mCOBRA_Insurancee a person/family eligible for COBRA:  termination from job (as long as it is not “gross misconduct”); voluntary resignation from a job or reduction of hours ensure an employee and family 18 months of COBRA coverage. *  The COBRA coverage may be extended to the spouse and dependent children of an employee for 36 months in case of: divorce/legal separation; employee becomes entitled to Medicare; death of employee or loss of dependant child status (available to child only).  COBRA health insurance coverage is advantageous for several reasons, the most obvious, of course, is that a family can continue to have health insurance, even if the employee has lost his/her eligibility for the company health insurance.   Many families also use the COBRA coverage to continue health insurance coverage if they have been, or will be, denied new health insurance coverage due to a pre-existing condition of one or several family members.  The only overwhelming drawback to COBRA is the cost.  Like individual and small business health insurance, the cost is almost prohibitive and may cause many families to consider going without health coverage until new heath insurance may be obtained.  (This may cause a different set of problems for the family due to laws pertaining to gaps in coverage of 63 days or more. **)  Individuals or families who are eligible for COBRA coverage will pay 102% of the insurance premiums until coverage is terminated.  Most companies pay part or even all health insurance premiums, so 100% of the premium plus an extra 2% for administrative fees can come as a shock to the employee and their wallet.  HealthInsurance is committed to helping you meet all your health insurance needs. With a broad selection of plans from leading health insurance companies and customer service representatives to answer your questions, we are your ultimate resource for health insurance. Follow these three simple steps to get the coverage you and your family need:  Find the Plans That Meet Your Needs Compare Plan Benefits and Prices From Leading Companies Select the Plan That's Right for You, then Apply Online But today, more than half of all Americans who have health insurance are enrolled in some kind of managed care plan, an organized way of both providing services and paying for them. Different types of managed care plans work differently and include preferred provider organizations (PPOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and point-of-service (POS) plans Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). A PPO is a form of managed care closest to an indemnity plan. A PPO has arrangements with doctors, hospitals, and other providers of care who have agreed to accept lower fees from the insurer for their services. As a result, your cost sharing should be lower than if you go outside the network. In addition to the PPO doctors mCOBRA_Insuranceing referrals, plan members can refer themselves to other doctors, including ones outside the plan. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). HMOs are the oldest form of managed care plan. HMOs offer members a range of health benefits, including preventive care, for a set monthly fee. There are many kinds of HMOs. If doctors are employees of the health plan and you visit them at central medical offices or clinics, it is a staff or group model HMO. Other HMOs contract with physician groups or individual doctors who have private offices. These are called individual practice associations (IPAs) or networks. Point-of-Service (POS) Plan. Many HMOs offer an indemnity-type option known as a POS plan. The primary care doctors in a POS plan usually mCOBRA_Insurancee referrals to other providers in the plan. But in a POS plan, members can refer themselves outside the plan and still get some coverage. Individual medical insurance is a health policy that's not associated with an employer or with self-employment. "Individual" can, however, apply to an entire family. Individual plans The price of individual health policies mCOBRA_Insurancees it important to shop around. Premiums for similar policies from different insurers can vary up to 50 percent. And regulations for individual health insurance vary from state to state, mCOBRA_Insuranceing choices even more difficult. Individual health plan choices include the same plans as the group market - health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), point-of-service (POS) plans, and traditional fee-for-service arrangements. Your health, income and physician preferences will help you determine which type of plan you need. You are self-employed Your employer doesn't offer health benefits Family members aren't covered by your current plan You're a recent retiree Travel health insurance provides accident and sickness medical coverage, travel assistance, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits to U.S. citizens traveling outside the United States for 15 days to 12 months. Coverage is also available for spouses and unmarried dependent children between 14 days and 18 years old. Travel health plans are usually designed to boost your regular coverage just for the period of time you're out of the country. Travel insurance won't cover such things as preexisting conditions, pregnancy-related expenses, elective or cosmetic surgery, professional sports injuries or specific sports such as skiing or mountain climbing. You're leaving the country and want extra protection Your current policy limits or excludes coverage when traveling You do not currently have health insurance We match your customer profile with the insurance companies in our marketplace. Our detailed questionnaire ensures you will receive all the quotes available to you. Fill out one form, one time - we'll match your information to participating insurance companies in your area. And if you save your data, it will be ready when you want to shop again.  It's important to do business with reputable companies with the financial backing to pay your claims in a timely manner. The InsWeb marketplace gives you competitive quotes from the most respected names in the industry. is the world's best Internet marketplace for global medical insurance, travel insurance, trip protection and assistance plans. No matter where you live or where you are going, we have you covered. Long-term annual renewable major medical insurance for non-U.S. citizens living worldwide and US citizens living outside the United States. Annual evacuation, medical and accident insurance for US citizens traveling frequently outside of the US. This is an annual plan, covering trips up to 30 days in length A multi-trip plan that provides a full year of premium coverage for trips up to 70 days (domestic and international travel), with no exclusions for preexisting conditions and coverage up to age 84. Single-trip & annual accident insurance with optional war and terrorism coverage for all ages and nationalities living anywhere worldwide. Benefits from US$500K to US$20 Million. What is International Travel Medical Insurance? Why do I need it? International Travel Medical Insurance products address the medical insurance needs of US citizens and foreign nationals who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside their country of citizenship. Coverage may include medical evacuation, repatriation, and choice of deductible and policy limits.  While traditional medical plans offer fine domestic coverage, few are designed for international travelers or visitors. Even those that offer limited benefits do not normally cover medically supervised emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, or repatriation. Local care providers are simply not equipped to deal with complications caused by different languages, currency conversion, inexperienced international claim administration, and the time zone differences What is Travel Protection and why do I need it Travel Protection is a combination of insurance coverages and travel assistance service which provides comprehensive protection for you and your family before and during your trip. You invest a lot of time and money when you travel. Doesn't it mCOBRA_Insurancee sense to protect that investment? Remember, no matter how well planned your trip is, the unexpected can and often does occur While traditional medical plans offer fine domestic coverage, few are designed for international travelers or visitors. Even those that offer limited benefits do not normally cover medically supervised emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, or repatriation. Travel protection plans offer coverage for medical expenses and emergency evacuation and repatriation If you have prepaid the cost of your trip or even paid a deposit on your trip and find you have to cancel or return home early, a travel protection plan can offer trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage which can help you protect your investment.  Travel protection plans offer additional baggage coverage over that provided by the airlines and also provide benefits if your baggage is delayed Travel protection plans offer worldwide 24-hour emergency assistance. Why do I need a travel protection plan when I am covered by my credit cards and insurance policies? Credit card insurance policies may only protect you for flight accidents, car rental damage or for accidental death while you are traveling, but this protection is usually only offered to you when you purchase your tickets with that particular credit card.  Buying travel insurance gives you additional or more comprehensive coverage that will meet your needs. offers a variety of plans to ensure you get just the plan that suites you and your lifestyle, and it gives you a peace of mind so you can focus on your travel. The unexpected happens everyday. Someone falls down the stairs, gets injured in a car accident or develops a sudden illness. In a single moment, your world can change These unexpected illnesses or injuries can be startling, so can the doctor bills. That's why it's so important to have reliable, temporary health insurance that will cover the medical expenses when the unexpected occurs... that's why you need Short Term Medical.  Short Term Medical is a temporary health plan designed for people who are between permanent health plans. Coverage can be purchased for as few as 30 days or as many as 185 days (varies by state).  Short Term Medical is non-renewable. However, if your temporary need continues, you may apply for another policy if: 1) no claims were incurred under a previous policy, 2) there has been no significant change in health, and if 3) the total days of coverage for all plans does not exceed 365 days.  A new application must be completed. Should a second application be approved, a new plan will be issued. There is no continuous coverage between the original and second plan. We are confident that our Short Term Medical plan will satisfy your temporary health insurance needs. If you are not completely satisfied with the plan, you can return it within 10 days of delivery for a full refund. No questions asked! Simply put your request in writing and fax it to 414-299-6217 or mail it to: Fortis Health, P.O. Box 3175, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3175.
With all the things you have to pay for in college, paying for health insurance is probably last on your list.  But what's last on your list could be the first thing to put you at serious financial risk.  Student Select is permanent, renewable individual health insurance. It is designed specifically for college students of all ages (up to age 63).  If you need to transfer schools, your Student Select coverage moves with you. Student Select is not tied to any one school. There's no need to change coverage or re-apply. In fact, you're covered when traveling anywhere in the United States, its possessions or Canada.  With Student Select you're covered year-round, not just during the school term. And, if for some reason, you have to leave school, Student Select stays with you for the remainder of the policy year... and then it's guaranteed renewable.  Student Select guarantees renewability. Whereas most college plans only cover you until you graduate or very shortly thereafter, Student Select can be renewed as long as it's needed . . . and, of course, as long as the premiums are paid. Student Select guarantees acceptance to any eligible student. Any undergraduate (tCOBRA_Insuranceing nine or more college credits) or full-time graduate student*, attending a state-accredited college or university, up to age 63, is eligible for Student Select. If you are not 100% satisfied with the plan, you can return the contract within 10 days of delivery for a full refund. No questions asked! If a cancellation request is received after the 10 day free look, a prorated refund will be provided as described in the contract international medical insurance, international health insurance, international travel medical insurance, international accident insurance, international group insurance, expatriates, foreign nationals, student medical insurance, emergency evacuation, repatriation, lost luggage insurance, trip cancellation insurance, multinational, claims administration, medical provider networks, diplomats, embassies, consulates, refugees, immigrants, travel abroad, underwriting, hazardous sports insurance, international benefits, international insurance brokers, insurance agents, international doctors, healthcare international, travel insurance, insurance comparison, international business, student travel, travel abroad, study abroad, international travel, travel insurance uk, h1 visa, visa, h1, exchange student, international health insurance, travel health, diplomat, student health insurance, travel health, travel medical insurance, insurance canada, international insurance, uk travel insurance, travel health insurance, international medical insurance, visitor insurance, health insurance comparison, foreign travel, international travel insurance, visitor health insurance, india insurance, student health, international medical, canada insurance, missionary insurance, travel medical, Self Employed, Realtors, major medical, temporary health, blue cross blue shield, fortis, golden rule, celtic, major medical, hmo, ppo, pos, health quote, health plans, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, california, florida, ohio, college, university, pennsylvania, utah, arizona, colorado, missouri, georgia, north carolina, south carolina, tennessee, kentucky,