Employer COBRA Administration
Full COBRA Administration
Full Flexible Spending Administration

COBRA is a law that requires organizations with 20 or more employees to offer the continuation of group health benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision and Medical Reimbursement Account) to employees (and covered dependents) upon experiencing a "qualifying event."

Employers are required to provide initial COBRA notification to covered employees and dependents, a letter detailing an individual's rights upon experiencing a "qualifying event," and an explanation of the conversion privilege.
Qualifying Events:
  -  Termination of employment
  -  Reduction of work hours
  -  Employee's death
  -  Employee's divorce (or legal separation in some states)
  -  Medicare entitlement
  -  Change in "dependent" status

Why would an employer want to outsource COBRA administration?
1.Liability and risk:
COBRA law is defined by lawsuits.  It's not uncommon for a lawsuit to cost a million of dollar just for missing one of the many COBRA deadlines.  For a small business (or any business) this can mean survival or failure.
Our staff has the knowledge and technology to track and administer your COBRA plans.  We have been a leader in the market for over 20 years.  Several thousand employees under our administration currently.
By outsourcing to us, you now can focus on your business and mCOBRA_Insurancee it grow while we work for you in the background.
Most every facet of your COBRA administration is done through our state of the art systems.
We offer your ex-employees alternative plans.  And because we are a valuable COBRA information source, we can educate everyone involved, mCOBRA_Insuranceing the COBRA process a smooth transition.

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