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Frequently Asked Questions

How much COBRA knowledge or experience must I have to use this software?

Very little. COBRA OnQue guides you through each step in the process and keeps you informed of pertinent issues as they arise. Answers to questions are available through FastFacts OnQue™, our proprietary context-sensitive help system and COBRAnswers™, the COBRA reference manual, which is an integrated element of this software.

You begin using COBRA OnQue by setting up your company and employee information. Then, you simply record routine administrative events as they occur:

  • First, you record the routine event, such as voluntary termination or reduction of hours.
  • Next, the software analyzes all relevant information to determine if a COBRA event has occurred.
  • If a COBRA event has occurred, the software then prompts you for whatever information is needed to complete the process accurately. COBRA knowledge is not required to answer these questions.
  • COBRA OnQue then calculates critical deadlines, updates your "Things To Do" list and generates personalized notifications.

How do I know if I'm doing all the steps required for proper COBRA administration?

COBRA OnQue's "Things To Do" feature is automatically activated each time you open the software to remind you of tasks that must be performed. For example, the list may include tasks such as printing notifications, recording the method used to deliver notifications, or verifying a qualified beneficiary's COBRA status.


How does the software handle the important task of preparing the right COBRA notification for each particular situation?

The experts on staff at OnQue Technologies, in concert with one of the largest employment law firms in the U.S., have prepared COBRA notifications based on the latest legal requirements. The software generates the appropriate notifications utilizing information that you have entered previously into the database. You are also provided with sample notifications, which may be printed for your convenience.


How do I know if required deadlines are being met?

COBRA OnQue keeps a record of which notifications have been mailed, the date on which they were mailed or hand-delivered, and the method of delivery used. It also tracks premium payments for all accounts, so you know immediately when payments are overdue and when COBRA coverage may be terminated.


How many employees can COBRA OnQue handle?

COBRA OnQue is designed with the small- and mid-sized employer in mind, but it can handle an unlimited number of employees and their dependents.


What is FastFacts OnQue?

FastFacts OnQue is an integral feature of COBRA OnQue that automatically delivers critical information about COBRA exactly where and when you need it. An easy-to-read pop-up window provides you with clear, concise information relative to the specific task being performed. This is one of the ways COBRA OnQue educates as you use it.


What is COBRAnswers?

COBRAnswers is a comprehensive COBRA administration reference manual, which is integrated into your COBRA OnQue software. It provides quick answers to detailed questions about COBRA regulations and administration.


How does COBRAnswers work as an integral part of COBRA OnQue?

In addition to functioning as a stand-alone reference manual, specific topics contained in COBRAnswers may easily be accessed through the "Related Topics" feature of FastFacts OnQue. This feature provides you with a quick reference to detailed information related specifically to the task at hand.


What is OnQue Connections?

OnQue Connections provides a fast and easy way to access the COBRAnswers reference manual; the OnQue Technologies web site; and COBRA-related resources on the Internet.


How do I keep up with changes in the law as they occur?

Our subscription update service provides updates to all registered users whenever changes occur in the laws and regulations governing COBRA administration, or when technical updates and feature enhancements are made to the software.


How much does COBRA OnQue cost?

$398. The purchase price includes the first 12-month subscription to the update service. Additional 12-month update subscription services are available for $298.


Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Yes. We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee, valid for 30 days from the date the software is purchased.

COBRA OnQue plus COBRAnswers



$398.00 + S&H. Includes 12 month subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions



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