Can COBRA Cover A Newborn Child?

I’m planning on having a reduction of hours from my job in which I’m currently the only one receiving insurance coverage. I am giving birth in July and my lapse of coverage will begin in August. Can I elect COBRA to keep myself and add my new child at that time or may use COBRA for my newborn only? Please advise.

The COBRA Act Specifies That Newborns Or Newly Adopted Children May Be Added To Insurance Plan

A child who is “born to or placed for adoption with the covered employee during the period of continuation coverage under [Code ┬º490B, the Code’s COBRA provisions]” is also a qualified beneficiary regardless of whether the qualifying event occurred before, on, or after such date if they are enrolled within 30 days of birth or adoption. This means that your newborn will qualify for COBRA, but you may have to be on COBRA until your child is born.

Pregnancy Is A Pre-Existing Condition

Being pregnant is considered a pre-existing condition for most Short-Term Individual Insurance policies. Most of these plans will not cover your OBGYN appointments, hospital fees for labor and delivery. It is highly recommended that if you are pregnant you should elect and stay on COBRA.

COBRA Continuation Is Expensive

There are alternatives to COBRA continuation available. Get an affordable insurance quote or call us at 877-262-7241 and we can help you find an ACA certified health plan.

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