If there is only one month lapse do we need to elect COBRA?

Q: My husband’s insurance at his new employer starts on June 1. His old co. insurance coverage terminated Apr. 30. We have a one-month gap. Are we still covered for the month of May, or would we need to pay for one month of COBRA? If so, can we elect to hold off, and then pay the COBRA rate should a medical emergency arise during this one-month period? A: Well, since the employer has up to 45 days to get COBRA information to you, and you have 60 days from the day that form was sent to you to elect COBRA, you may have time to get other coverage within that time. If you do not need to seek medical treatment with in the time of your qualifying COBRA event and the day you start your new group health insurance, you may choose not to elect that continuation coverage. One thing to think about is that if you will need a certificate of credible coverage from the insurance company stating that there was NO lapse in coverage. There are lower cost short term medical insurance options out there that can give you credible coverage.

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