cobra employer letter

Q: I have resigned from my job, and I know I was suposed to get a letter from my employer about cobra options. I never got that letter . What are my options now, because I need my health insurance? Can you please help me to find out what’s the next step? Thank you. Carmen A: Your past employer or the plan administrator should have sent to you in the mail an election form with an attached COBRA premium payment option. You then have 60 days to make you selections for election and make your first premium payment. The dates should have been stated on the election form. If you have failed to make you selections and mail back your response, you will have forfeited your rights to elect COBRA coverage. If you are a healthy person, there are Alternative plans available to you at a lower cost.


: If you are a healthy person who does not live in NY, NJ, MA, or VT and would be interested in a lower cost Alternative to COBRA please roi=QA Click

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