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Cobra – Benefit Option change

Q: I need a clarification regarding a statement “if you elect continuation coverage, the coverage you are given must be identical to the coverage that is currently available under the plan to similarly situated active employees and their families – generally, this is a same coverage that you had immediately before the qualifying event”. I former employer offers multiple products (benefit option) under its plan, such as PPO, HCA and HMO. I used to have PPO product, however, I would like to change to HMO upon electing Cobra due to the fact it is a lot cheaper than a PPO. Am I allowed to change plan/benefit option due to Cobra? Thank you in advance. A: COBRA is going to be a continuation of the same group health plan that you were on the day before your insurance was terminated. If you need to make changes to your plan you may need to make those changes at re-enrollment time, the same as all active employees. Check with your Human Resource manager for specific details. You will be sent an election form in the mail when your coverage has been terminated. At that time you can choose your coverage, such as dental, vision and if you want to make beneficiary changes.

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