American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’s COBRA Subsidy Ends September 31. What’s next?

Does an employee qualify for COBRA if still employed?

Q: My father works for a company with less than 20 employees. He found out last week that he has cancer and would be out on disability for a few months. When he notified his employer, they told him he had 3 days to come up with the $660 that is needed to keep up his health insurance with COBRA. Why would he not be able to keep his same premium ($125 a month), being that he has not been fired or has not quit? A: If you father is still considered a full time employee COBRA is not available to him. If his hours are reduced and he is no longer eligible for the group health insurance, he would qualify for COBRA. When an employee is continuing the group health insurance policy through COBRA they are responsible for the entire cost of the insurance plus an administrative fee of 2%.

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