American Rescue Plan Act of 2021’s COBRA Subsidy Ends September 31. What’s next?

Who do I contact when I have a claim that didn’t get paid under COBRA?

Q: I had Cobra insurance for a month in March 2006. I cannot locate the policy number and would like to speak with someone about finding my policy information as I have a claim was made but never paid under that policy. Who can I call to talk about this?

A: You should contact your previous employer where COBRA was offered. They will be able to tell you who is the plan administrator for more information on filing a claim for benefits. Your previous employer will also be able to tell you your policy number. Complete plan rules are available from your previous employers or benefits offices. There can be charges up to 25 cents a page for copies of plan rules. Health plan rules must explain how to obtain benefits and must include written procedures for processing claims. Claims procedures must be described in the Summary Plan Description.

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