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How & when do I apply for COBRA?

I have been diagnosed with a serious cancer and cannot work for the foreseeable future. My employer has told me that they will have to terminate my employment within the next 30 days. I understand that COBRA may only be effective for 18 months. What steps must I take to extend this coverage to be able to continue my cancer treatment?

Your employer is required by law to offer you the continuation of their group health policy for up to 18 months if there are more than 20 employees. If you or a family member becomes disabled at any time during the special enrollment period or during the 18 months you are with that insurance, you may be able to extend the maximum period of COBRA continuation coverage of 18 months, by up to an additional 11 months for a total of 29 months of COBRA continuation coverage. This extension will apply to all qualified dependents on the insurance plan. Keep your plan administrator in the know if something were to happen that disables you.


Change Insurance During A Special Open Enrollment

Qualified dependents may choose new insurance during an open enrollment period. Get an affordable insurance quote or call us at 877-262-7241 and we can help you find an ACA certified health plan.

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