Pregnancy and COBRA

0in 0in Q: I will be moving to another state for a new company which will not cover me and my family for 90 days. My wife is 5 months pregnant. Can I just have her and my daughter covered under cobra? And can she be denied because she is already pregnant? A: COBRA is a federal law, which allows you to continue on your previous employer ‘s (not your new employer’s) group health plan. When you elect COBRA coverage, it will be a continuation of the same group health plan that you were on the day before your insurance was terminated. If the pregnancy was covered now, it will be covered with the COBRA election . Since this would be the same policy, the benefits would be the same. When you get the election form in the mail from your employee you can choose to only cover your spouse and child. If you need a lower cost option for your self there is an Alternative policy that may benefit you.

0in 0in If you are interested in the lower cost option Code Number:002060 for more information.

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