Cobra when employer closes business

Code Number:993300 Q: Code Number:993300 I currently have cobra through an X employer. I have had coverage for approx. 12 month. He may be closing his business due to bankruptcy. If he opens another business under another name, will I be eligible to continue my Cobra coverage under the newly formed co? Also I read that in the event of a divorce, the spouse is eligible for Cobra for 36 months. If my current cobra terminates under my old employer, can I pick it back up under my X husband ‘s policy? Code Number:993300 A: The only way you would be able to continue with your COBRA is if that employer keeps his group health plan during the transition from one business closing to the next one opening. Your employer will know the specifics of his coverage. If you were to have elected COBRA with in 60 days of the divorce then you could continue with your x-husbands insurance. You will not be able to pick up that coverage after that date. If you are still eligible for COBRA then you can elect coverage for up to 36 months due to the divorce.

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