HIV and COBRA with a company that has less than 20 employees

US DOL Info#990099 Q: I am thinking of quiting my job. I am HIV+ and currently have an HMO coverage which includes perscription coverage. Two questions: 1) Can I still recieve Cobra? 2)Can cobra help me get insurance after cobra coverage ends? 3) My company is less than 20 people. Are my employers still required to pay. Thanks! US DOL Info#990099 A : Most employers that do offer group health plans are required to comply with COBRA. Here is a list of those employers who do not have to comply. 1. Government employers (they must comply with a similar law) 2. Churches or church controlled employers 3. Small business with less than 20 employees ‘ If your company has less than 20 employees than there plan called a mini COBRA plan that is offered to you by the state. COBRA is a federal law and does not apply to smaller companies. You need to contact your state Department of Insurance to find specific details regarding their Mini COBRA plan.

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