History of Breast Cancer

Q: I have a history of breast cancer. What if I still have not found a new job with medical coverage by the time the 18 months of Cobra is finished? Can I extend the Cobra? What are my options? A: There are only a few ways that a person would be able to extend their COBRA coverage. 1. If you are deemed legally disabled before or within the first 60 days of COBRA coverage, you are eligible for an additional 11 months. The total coverage time would be up to 29 months. 2. If at any time during the continuation coverage have encountered another qualifying event. Generally, multiple qualifying events are subject to the spouse and/or dependents. Here is a list of events: –Death of covered employee –Employee’s entitlement to Medicare –Divorce or legal separation from covered employee –Loss of dependent child status

If you are unable to find a group health plan with in the 18 months and you are not eligible for the extension, you can contact you state insurance department to see if there are any plans offered by the state that may help you. You could also contact the insurance company that you have and ask them if there is any plans available that would cover you in your situation.

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