The company lets you go and never sends a notification for Cobra?

0in 0in Code Number:993300 Q: What if the company lets you go and never sends a notification for Cobra? Code Number:993300 A: First you must identify if the employer is legally responsible for offering you COBRA. Most employers that do offer group health plans are required to comply with COBRA. Here is a list of those employers who do not have to comply. 1 . Government employers (they must comply with a similar law) 2. Churches or church controlled employers 3. Small business with less than 20 employees ‘ If your employer falls under the federal guidelines, than they are responsible for sending you notification of your COBRA rights and an election form in the mail. They legally have up to 45 day s to get that information to you. From that day you have 60 days to elect coverage. If the 45 days has past and you still have not received anything form the employer you need to contact them directly to get an explanation. If at that point, you do not get compliance you should contact the Department of Labor at 1-866-487-2365. If you are healthy and looking for a short term plan that is more affordable, there are other options out there. for more information on affordable alternative health insurance plans.



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