What are my options and cost?

Q: Due to chronic back pain I would like to either go part time or retire early. I carry the health insurance for both my husband and myself. Can I get COBRA for both of us for 18 months? Then we will be able to get insurance through my husbands National Guard retirement. What are my options and cost? A: If you terminate your employment or lose your insurance due to reduced hours , you will be eligible for COBRA. If your employer has more than 20 people it is a federal law that they have to offer you a continuation of their group health plan to you at your expense. You will be responsible for 102% of the monthly costs of COBRA. The past employer will be able to let you know what those costs are. When you elect cobra with those as your qualifying events you can continue for up to 18 months.


: If you are a healthy person who does not live in NY, NJ, MA, or VT and would be interested in a lower cost Alternative to COBRA please https://start.smartandsimple.com/launch?refnumber=000000051-026-900&roi=QA


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