Cobra Coverage of New Employee

Q: My husband recently underwent a career change (approximately 4 months ago) and immediately signed up to his new employer’s group medical coverage in which they pay the entire monthly premium. He is now considering leaving this job to consult (self-employed) full time. Due to the fact that I am 2 months pregnant, we have concerns as to whether or not we qualify for Cobra. Therefore, we have the following questions: a) Is there a specific time period that must pass at his current employer in order to be eligible for Cobra benefits? b) If he resigns from his position will we still qualify for Cobra benefits? c) Is there any reason or way that his current employer can elect to deny us Cobra eligibility? A: As long as you have obtained health insurance from your employer you are eligible for the continuation coverage. The length of employment is not a factor for determining eligibility. Resigning is one of the qualifying factors for eligibility. As long as the employer as more than 20 employees they are required by COBRA laws to continue the group health policy for up to 18 months.

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