how to pay for medical treatment during COBRA election process

Q: How do I pay for treatment and prescription drugs while waiting for the invitation to elect COBRA (can take up to 45 days)? My service provider was informed that my group health coverage was terminated and now demands much higher prices for treatment and drugs, which I have to pay in order to receive treatment. Will I be fully reimbursed later by COBRA? How can I speed up the start of COBRA coverage?

A: You will bereimbursed for any medical bills that you pay during this period. Contact the plan administrator for more information on filing a claim for benefits. Complete plan rules are available from employers or benefits offices. You have no way of controlling the time it takes for you to receive the election form from your employer or their administrator. COBRA law gives them up to 45 days to mail you the COBRA packet from your last day of group benefits. However, once you receive the election form you should complete it and return as soon as possible to expedite the paperwork.

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