Retirement age 62 with a company that has less than 20 employees.

Q: I am retiring the end of 2007 at age 62. I am currently insured through my employer . I live in CT. There are less than 20 employees in our office. Will I still be offered Cobra and how far in advance of my retirement would I be contacted for coverage continuance? How long will I have to decide to accept or decline the Cobra offer? Thank you for your assistance. A: If your employer has less than 20 employee’s than they are not obligated by the Federal law to offer you a continuation of their group health plan. COBRA may not be an option for you. If there is less than 20 employee’s than you may be eligible for a state issued mini-COBRA . In the state of CT it should be available for up to Case # 000099 18 months . Each state has its own specific laws . You should ask your employer and or the insurance company about that continuation. If they are unable to help you, your state insurance department should be able to give you the proper information.

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