Added Child but payment was not accepted

Q: I elected COBRA and pay all the premiums for my wife who was pregnant. I elected, spouse only and then when the child was born, I informed the provider to add the child within the 30 days required. They sent supplemental coupons. I paid the prorated amount to add the child and the payment was lost in the mail. The child was born on 3/27; I notified them on 4/17. The payment was due on 5/6. I called on 5/8 and resent the check certified mail which they received on 5/10. I noticed in my bank statement they have not process the check and have terminated coverage for both my wife and our newborn. The provider has told me that my premium payment for April was not paid in full so the coverage for both was cancelled. They have also told me there is no appeals process? What can I do? Thanks for you help. A: Failure to make any payment within the election period or in a timely manner could cause you to lose all of your continuation COBRA rights. The plan will more than likely set payment due dates after the first premium is made. They must give you the option to make monthly payments and they must give you a 30-day grace period for the payment of any premium. If you do not make a payment on time, but pay the premium with in the grace period, the plan has the option of canceling your coverage until your payment is received and then the policy will be reinstated back to the date it was termed. If you fail to make the payment before the end of the grace period you can lose all of your COBRA rights. The plan is not responsible for sending you payment notices’ on a monthly basis. Premium payment are deemed paid when they are sent. When a payment is sent the adminstrator will look at the post marked date for proof of date mailed.

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