Qualified Beneficiary with spouse who has just lost his coverage

Q: I am currently on COBRA with my previous employer. My wife is currently on COBRA with her previous employer. Her COBRA will run out a year before mine though because she terminated from employment a year before me. Once her COBRA is exhausted, will she be allowed to come under my COBRA plan? My understanding is that I am considered a qualified beneficiary as I was on my group health plan prior to terminating and then elected COBRA. I understand that a qualified beneficiary has the same rights as a current employee so if a current employee can add their spouse because the spouse has a loss of other coverage, wouldn’t a qualified beneficiary be able to do the same? A : Even though you are on COBRA you do still have the same rights as any active employee under a similar plan. Generally, to add dependents you may have to wait until open enrollment time. You would have to check with the human resource manager to see when that time is or if you could add her at any time.

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