I am pregnant,can I speed up the election process?

Q: I quit my job last month and just found out that I am pregnant. I would like to go to the doctor very soon, but will not receive the form in the mail for 3 or 4 more weeks. Is there a way I can apply for the Cobra insurance right now? And if I want to choose the Cobra alternative plan, will it cover the pregnancy? I only need it for a 2 or 3 months while my insurance plan from my new position takes effect. A: The only way you will be able to elect COBRA is through your past employer . They will send the information in the mail along with the election form. COBRA is a continuation of the same group health plan you had when you were an active employee. Your pregnancy will be covered under the COBRA policy. If you need to seek medical treatment during the election process, you will have to possibly pay out of pocket. If you hang on to the receipts or the bills, you may be reimbursed by the insurance company once the policy is reinstated. The alternative plans are individual policy’s that will not cover a preexisting pregnancy.

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