Will My Surgery Be Covered Through COBRA After I Start My New Job?

I was recently offered a new job in my field of study. The down side to it is that I will not be receiving health insurance. I am scheduled to have surgery 2 weeks after my start date at my new job. Will my current health insurance cover me or will COBRA cover my surgery?

COBRA is a continuation of your previous employer’s group health policy. COBRA coverage starts on the day that your group health insurance ended because of a qualifying event, in your case quitting for a new job. Your previous employer has up to 45 days to mail you the COBRA packet. Once you receive the packet and send in the completed election form your COBRA health insurance is retroactive to your last day. You will not have a lapse in coverage. If there is coverage for your surgery on your previous employer’s health plan, it will be covered under COBRA continuation.

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