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Code Number:993300 Q: My daughter was employed this past year under a term contract with a local school district. Her health coverage ends on June 30 but she has been hired by the same district with a regular contract for next year hence she will resume health coverage on September 1. She has 62 days without coverage. When reading your FAQ’s 60 days seems to be the magic number. Should we assume that there will be 2 days she’ll not be covered by the Cobra time frames? A: When one elects COBRA there will be no lapse in coverage. Her employer will have no more than 45 days to get her the election form in the mail. From the day they mail her that election form, she has 60 to return the form with all her elections made. When she pays her first premium in a timely manner, her coverage will be retro active. It will resume on July 1st. She should be able to elect coverage for up to 18 months at her own expense. The cost for continuation coverage is no more than 102% of the premium. If she is healthy and does not live in NY, NJ, VT, MA or CT there may be a lower cost option for her. There is short term medical insurance available for up to 12 months. Next day coverage would be available and she would have the ability to see any doctor or hospital. You would also be able to select the exact number of days of coverage. If you are interested in an Alternative to COBRA, for more information

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