Employer has less than 20 employees

Q : I am age 64 was caught off guard by a brain seizure and put on disability, a couple of years ago. My wife who is the same age has been working and I want her to retire and stay home and we will just have to see if we can find enough in the budget to survive for the next eleven months when she is qualified for Medicare. The company she works for has less than 20 employees on the plan but she is afraid of a lapse in coverage. Her health is otherwise good. A: An employer with less than 20 employees is not subject under COBRA federal law and do not have to offer you the continuation of the group plan. What you will want to do is contact your state department of insurance to see if there is a state issued mini-COBRA plan that you can take advantage of. You can find more information about your state insurance by visiting href=”https://www.naic.org/ www.naic.org

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