Retro-active coverage

Q: I voluntarily left my job in March 2007 and have not yet received Cobra notification from my former employer. I did receive 90 days additional insurance coverage when I left and planned to use Cobra after that. Did not yet pay a premium and have been hospitalized for the past two days. Would this be included in retroactive coverage by Cobra when I pay my premium? Would there be any exclusion for a preexisting condition that was covered by my other insurance? A: Your previous employer has up to 45 days from your last day of work or from the last day your group benefits end to send you the COBRA packet. Once you complete the election form and return it, the COBRA continuation coverage is retro-active to your last day or last day of benefits. COBRA is a continuation of the same coverages, same policy that you had when you where employed . COBRA continuation does not impose any pre-existing limitation unless those limitations were on the policy before your last day of work.

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