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Q: My husband has group insurance through his employer that covers our family. My son, age 21 is a full-time student, but dropped a class without consulting us, so he is dropped from the insurance. This happened in the semester before summer break, so he is now on summer break without insurance until he begins full time again in the fall. Is he eligible for COBRA during this period he is uninsured due to non-student status? My husband has worked for the same company for 13 years, so my son has been insured by that company that long. Also, can you tell me if a student is full-time, but off during the summer are they normally dropped from coverage while they’re off school in the summer? A: If you or your Child has recently graduated, or is no longer a full time college student, has gotten married, and is coming off the parent ‘s employer ‘s group health plan, due to “loss of dependent status”, they would be eligible for COBRA continuation. You should contact your husband’s employer to see if he can still elect COBRA. COBRA continuation would start on the day the regular group health insurance ended. To answer your second question, if a student remains full-time during the semester before summer break he can remain on the parent’s regular group health through the summer. If you are in relatively good health with no significant pre-existing health conditions and do not reside in the states of NY, NJ, MA or VT. You may be eligible for a lower cost COBRA alternative. Code Number:5588aa Click Here for COBRA Options

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