I am pregnant, what are my COBRA options?

< pclass=question>I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with a so far uncomplicated pregnancy. I need COBRA for two more weeks until I start a new job and just need it just in case. I have no appointments scheduled and really would only need it for if something went wrong. We also just moved from Minnesota to Georgia. Please tell me what I qualify for?

You qualify for COBRA Health Insurance benefits, if there are more than 20 employees at the job you are leaving, then that employer has to offer you a continuation of the same group health plan for duration of up to 18 months. You’ll have the same medical benefits that you had on your previous health plan. In certain circumstances, the employers must offer alternative coverage to qualified beneficiaries that will be moving outside their insurance coverage area. The employer must make the alternative coverage available before or on the date the beneficiary moves, or if it is later, than the first day of the month following the month you made the request to move and needed alternate coverage. Since pregnancy is considered a preexisting condition, it would be difficult for you to get an individual insurance plan. COBRA is probably going to be your best option. The cost of your continuation is going to be 102% of the monthly premium. The past employer will be able to give you your account information.

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