I’m between employers, how do I get coverage for my prescriptions?

Q: I am changing jobs and will begetting insurance through my new employer with-in a few weeks. I will need to get 3 prescriptions re-filled before the new insurance starts. What can I do to get my medications covered while I am in between the employers ‘ group plans?

A: The employer you are leaving must offer you COBRA continuation if they have more than 20 employees. They or their plan administrator has up to 45 days from your last day of group benefits to mail you the COBRA packet. Once you elect COBRA the coverage is retro-active, so you will not have a lapse in coverage. It is a continuation of the same benefits, same coverages you had before you left. You may need to pay for your prescriptions out of pocket and then submit the receipts to the insurance company after the paperwork has been processed.

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