I was terminated from my job.

Q : I was terminated from my job. I was on a leave of absence and it was not approved. They will not let me roll over to COBRA they told me to get State asst. I am Kidney Transplant Recpt….what am to do?

A : If your employer has more than 20 employees, they are obligated under COBRA federal law to offer you continuation of their group benefits when you were terminated. If your employer is refusing to give you your COBRA rights, you should contact the US Department of Labor at 1-866-487-2365. However, when an employer has less than 20 employees they do not have to provide you with COBRA continuation. If this is the case you should contact your state ‘s department of insurance at href=”https://www.naic.org/ www.naic.org to find out if your state has a Mini-COBRA available.

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