Can I elect for COBRA even if I’m elligible for coverage though a new employer?

ody ody Q: I am leaving my current employer, and will be eligible for group coverage within six weeks or so at my new job (1st of the month following a full month from start date). I just wanted to clarify one point: I know that I cannot continue COBRA if I am “covered” by a new group plan. If, however, I elect to decline coverage, do I lose COBRA? Meaning – Am I considered “covered” if they offer coverage. Or, am I considered “covered” if I actually sign up for the new insurance. Can my current employer terminate my COBRA if I elect to decline the new coverage. [I know it’s more expensive but, I like my existing plan more than the new plan – Personal preference as to pay a higher price … for better coverage.] Or will I lose the COBRA at the point I’m newly eligible. Thanks!

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