Adding my spouse of 34 years to Cobra as +1 coverage

ody I retired in December 2013 after 23 years from the company. I was offered cobra for 18 months with 12 months being subsidized by the company and very inexpensive. My wife has worked for the same company or 35 years and retired on February 24th, 2014. She had single coverage under the same health plan as I did. We were both covered as single coverage only. When she retired on Feb 24th, she lost her coverage and was offered a retirement plan or Cobra. I tried to add her as a +1 to my Cobra plan, but they would not allow this. Their reason was that she had to be covered as a +1 on the company health plan and not as a single when she left the company. I would just like to know who is right? Do I have the right to add her as a qualified dependent to my Cobra plan? She is 62 and I am age 60. It does not make sense to me that I cannot add her as a dependent to my Cobra plan. I need some common sense to make it clear so I can appeal this with the administrators.

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