If I Quit A New Job Before Getting Their Insurance, Can I Continue On COBRA From My Old Job?

If I quit a new job before I am eligible for their insurance plan (60 day waiting period) can I continue on COBRA from my old job after quitting a new job?

With COBRA, you are paying the full premium for group health coverage; therefore, you may stay on it for up to 18 months, unless you are on a new health plan. So yes, you may continue on COBRA insurance after you quit your job. Keep in mind though that COBRA will not be extended to you from your previous employer past 18 months. At that time, you would need to sign up through a new employer, get an alternative individual insurance plan or pay the penalty as outlined in the Affordable Care Act.

Other Insurance Options

There are alternatives to COBRA continuation available. Get an affordable insurance quote or call us at 877-262-7241 and we can help you find an ACA certified health plan.

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