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ody Q: Location was sold to another owner. Ownership became effective 3/1. Original employer never gave us end date for insurance coverage. Coverage was stopped on 2/16, but original owner continued to take insurance premiums from our final checks. Insurance not available through new owner until 3/1, and only if you had existing insurance. Otherwise, we were told the enrollment period wasn’t until June of 2014. Would this qualify for COBRA because of the lapse in coverage from 2/16-3/1? In addition, we weren’t told of the new options avail. until 2/26, and the paperwork had to be submitted by 2/28, giving us literally 1 business day to decide. My premiums would go from $175 every 2 weeks, to $690 bi-weekly. Who can afford $690 from each paycheck. I would be working to pay insurance premium.

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