I have insurance with my current employer, I will be moving to NJ and hope to elect COBRA. What are my options?


Q: I have health insurance with my current employer in NH until May 31st (when my current employment contract ends), and I am planning to continue that insurance through COBRA until around June 15th, when I move to NJ for my new job. I need health insurance to cover myself, my spouse, and my infant girl in NJ from 6/15 until 10/01, when my health insurance with my new employer begins. What are my options? Thank you. A: If there are more than 20 employees at the job you are leaving, then that employer has to offer you a continuation of the same group health plan for duration of up to 18 months. Employers must offer alternative coverage to qualified beneficiaries that will be moving outside their insurance coverage area. The employer must make the alternative coverage available before or on the date the beneficiary moves, or if it is later, than the first day of the month following the month you made the request to move and needed alternate coverage. You may want to check into state issued plans too. You can visit the state insurance department at href=”https://www.naic.org/ www.naic.org or you can look locally. Unfortunately, due to the state laws in NJ, we are unable to offer our COBRA Alternative plan to you.

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