Can I Find Out My COBRA Payment Amount Before I Quit?

I have put in notice at my job and am trying to figure out a budget. I asked my HR department what my COBRA payments will be and they seem unsure and told me I would receive the information in the mail after I leave. Are they obligated to provide me with this information now or do I have to wait for my letter?

Legally, your employer has 45 days to send you COBRA paperwork to elect continuation of health insurance. You will find the monthly premium amount in that notification.  On average, a COBRA plan is $400 – $700/month, per individual.

You Qualify For COBRA If You Quit

To become eligible for COBRA insurance you must have a qualifying event. This includes putting in your two weeks notice and quitting your job. The only job termination that would make you ineligible for COBRA would be acts of gross misconduct in the workplace.

Temporary and Affordable Health Plans

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