Pre-Existing Conditions and new job

US DOL Info#3366ff Q: I have a pre-existing condition and I am going to be moving. I plan on taking COBRA. Will COBRA be considered coverage during the time that I am looking for a new job? I was told that you may only be without insurance for 60 days in order for a new insurance to cover a pre-existing condition. Does COBRA count as insurance, even if I take COBRA for 18 months? US DOL Info#3366ff A: If you elect COBRA you are actually continuing the same group health insurance that you had with your past employer. So, if your medical conditions were covered under that plan they will continue to be covered under COBRA. That continuation does qualify as insurance coverage and a certificate of credible coverage will be issued for that time . It does not matter how long you choose to be covered with COBRA for it to be considered credible.

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