Notice of change in medical insurance carriers

ody My ex employer gave me notice of change in carriers on 12/4 for effective date 12/1/13.

The entire month they were trying to get approved for change with new company. I was told to sign employee application and I had to insist I needed different firm for cobra. After postponing medical care to avoid an extra deductible. The end of the month they said they were not going to change until 1/1/14. My out of pocket costs were increased in 2014 because in 2013 the same procedures wouldn’t be applied to deductible. I put off other to endures in December because I basically was told new carrier may have deductible for December and again in January. I could not file any claims for December since there was no new contract. Nor provide evidence of new insurance. I was told that when policy change is effective, old carrier would reject upon cancellation (at end of month) all claims would need to be resubmitted and bills would become past due. Is there anyone I can talk to about rules for this type of situation.?

The whole process cost other employees and cobra recipients extra out of pocket.

I requested the additional money of about $3k. They refused. What can I do?

A: COBRA is not an insurance company.

COBRA is a federal law that requires employers with 20 or more employees to offer the continuation of the same group health care coverage after you’ve voluntarily or involuntarily left your job, or have had your work hours reduced.

The Department of Labor is in charge of oversight of this law. If your previous employer can not answer your questions or does not comply, you can call the Department of Labor at 1-866-487-2365.

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