Previous employer denying new spouse coverage

ody Q: I left my employer on March 8th. On March 10th, I was married. I submitted my ‘life event’ information with a copy of my certified marriage certificate on March 25th to my former employer (per their policy, I needed to submit my life event info within 31 days of the event). My employer had not sent my dependent information to their COBRA people at that time. COBRA has no record of my husband on the information submitted to them now, and my previous employer says that even though I had coverage through the company itself until the end of March, because I was no longer an employee, I was not allowed to add my new spouse. I am totally confused as my understanding is that BY LAW they have to let me add him. I could not call the COBRA company at the time of/ shortly after my marriage as they had no record of me yet, nor had I received any information from them– and now that they DO have my information, my previous employer is refusing to allow me to add my spouse! Is their any legal recourse for this, or is my previous employer within their rights to deny my new spouse to be added to my beneficiary info, since I was still covered, but no longer an employee?

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