Cancelled but I requested COBRA

ody Q: I was getting health insurance from my last employer, and a portion would come out of my paycheck. I self terminated from that company, but emailed the HR department to alert them that I do plan to keep my insurance temporarily for 90 days until my new job’s health benefits kick in. They did not return any of the numerous calls or emails that I sent to multiple people in their HR department. I even reached out to my direct supervisors regarding it and they said they would check and never got back to me or my follow ups. They’ve kept the policy active so I did go to my regular doctors visit. I check every day online to make sure the insurance was still active before I used it. I guess the insurance company website doesn’t update every day and when I checked today it shows that it ended backdated to before my last appointment and I am being charged in full by them. I’ve heard there’s a law or policy called COBRA for when you are temporarily not covered due to a lapse of job health insurance and I also didn’t know if it was illegal for them to do this, and if so what are my options?

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