Q: I am going from full time to part time in my job and losing benefits… which i have only had a month, by the way. I am set to start cobra dental on July 1st. However, I just found out that the dental plan from my employer is renewing on July lst, and then renewing again on Dec lst, a short year decision so that the dental and health renewal dates coincide.

Will my cobra plan’s renewal schedule be the same as the insurance from which it is derived? I am guessing that renewal means start of the insurance benefit year, which is 2500 dollars annually. Also, is there a break in benefits when one goes from the company insurance to cobra coverage? I just started getting dental work done…I will need the insurance next month…

A: When it comes to renewals , you have the same options as if you were an employee still. COBRA is after all a continuation of the same coverage you had as an active employee.

As for the renewal in December, if they change their plan, they aren’t required by law to continue to offer you coverage. This is because they are only required to offer a continuation of what you had as an employee. Once they discontinue that plan, they aren’t obligated to extend the new coverage to you.

As for a break in coverage, there won’t be one if you elect COBRA. COBRA will work retroactively back to the date of the loss of coverage if you do elect it. You may be required to re-submit claims that occurred in the “break.”

Remember that with Healthcare Reform, you now have other options available through a Special Enrollment Period, which for you will start when you leave your employer. We can help you sort through your options.

COBRA continuation is very expensive. Click href=” here for a quote, or call us at 1-877-279-7959 (8am-5pm CST) and we can help you find sort through all your options.

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