Continuation of employee benefits for 67 year old under severance plan

Q: My company recently severed me involuntarily. The benefit plan states that they will continue my medical, dental and vision coverage under COBRA for a year at active employee rates. But now I’m told I don’t qualify because I have Medicare Part A as secondary coverage for hospitalization. I am 67. Is this correct?

A: Actually, if you had Medicare Part A before you were terminated, your previous employer is legally obligated to extend the offer of COBRA Continuation to you (given they meet the 20 employee minimum). Keep in mind that it could be their policy that if you have Medicare, then you are not eligible for them to offer COBRA to you with active employee rates . You will need to speak with your previous employer’s COBRA administrator to get clarification on that.

Remember, COBRA continuation is very expensive. There are alternatives to COBRA continuation available. Click href=” here for a quote, or call us at 1-877-279-7959 (8am-5pm CST) and we can help you find an alternative plan.

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