Employer changing plans without notifying us

ody Q: We are in a huge bind. I left my company on 9/5 and immediately informed them that we wanted to be on Cobra. We paid our premium well in advance (they require a cashiers check). We were already covered through 9/30 so the coverage through Cobra started 10/1. At one point they “accidentally” cancelled our insurance. They admitted the mistake and got us reinstated but it caused major problems and we were uninsured for a few days. We heard rumors through current employees that ***** (my former company) was changing plans. Since we had received no notice of the change in plans (from KP to Signa) I called and emailed several times but everyone I spoke to said they didn’t know anything. About a week ago we found out that ***** did change to Cigna but we have received no notification, details of new plan benefits or anything. We also learned that the new plan goes into effect in 3 days and we still have received nothing. If we had not been diligent in pestering them for info we wouldn’t have learned of the change to Signa. Rather than providing us with the info we need to continue the new insurance agency they are using keeps trying to talk us out of Cobra. So on Monday Nov. 1st we will be uninsured. After going back and forth with their insurance agent the past 2 days we have still not received any information on the new group plan, forms, or anything. Just a sales pitch to look on the exchange for insurance. We have given them cashiers checks over 2 weeks early (which they cashed) and they haven’t provided us anything. When I asked them what I would with no information or insurance card if me or a member of my family needed medical attention next week. No answer. Bottom line is we will have no health insurance starting Monday even though we’ve made both Cobra payments early. I know they’ve informed employees of the change and given them benefits packages a couple weeks ago but we are completely in the dark. We had oral surgery scheduled for my sons in November and we would have had to pay out of pocket when I discovered they were changing plans a few days ago. We had to cancel the appointments. I cannot get the insurance agent to give me straight answers. Is this legal???? It is causing major stress to me and my family. Please answer ASAP as we will be without insurance on Monday.

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