Changing Cobra insurance plans by employer

ody Q: My husband was laid off last August. We signed up for Cobra in September 2014 and have paid the premiums as required. On January 8 , 2015, my husband went to pick his prescription and was I formed it was terminated. I called the insurance company and they said “the employer has changed the insurance because the insurance is available in one state but does not cross to another state (we live 0.5 miles to the state line). So we called his employer and said we should be receiving the new Cobra information. As of this date, 1-15-15, we haven’t received the info. My husband also seen MD on the 8th, without notification of termination when his insurance card was presented to them. What are the consumer rights in this

matter? Do we not have the right to receive prior notification prior to termination? What about this state line rule not being allowed to cross it to seek medical care without being penalized by the insurance company. What about the January premium paid to the insurance company and it has not been returned promptly (we were told it would be 14 days). What about the $200 plus prescription in the pharmacy that we now cannot afford because of this incident.

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