Premiums paid but never recieved COBRA election form

Q: I was injured on duty and workers comp placed me with a disability so my employer has me on leave without pay since July of 2014. I ran out of vac/sic time Dec 31, 2014 and employer told I HAD to pay the COBRA rate without giving me a re election form. I tried to take my husband and 2 children off to reduce but they told me I had to pay the COBRA rate. I paid it for January 2015 and then consulted with my direct supervisor because the rate was 1400 dollars, and we went together to H/R at beginning of February 2015. The H/R director told me I was allowed to “drop” my husband and children AS LONG AS I HAVE another plan lined up. Right now, I don’t care about IRS penalties as I plan on getting coverage through my husbands open enrollment in May, but I don’t want coverage for my husband and children so it would just be me. Am I technically enrolled because I never signed anything? If that is the case, then I want 1400 dollars refunded. I was not afforded the opportunity to look elsewhere and now open enrollment is closed. What recourse do I have to get my money refunded?

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