I Am Pregnant, Will COBRA Cover The Hospital?

My husband will be leaving his job on May 16th to start a new one. I am due to give birth about 2 weeks after he starts the new job. The new company told him we could get COBRA & they would cover what the old insurance will. Is that true & does that include the 100% hospital coverage we had when I have the baby?

COBRA is a federal law, which allows you to continue on your previous employer’s health plan. When you elect COBRA coverage, it will be a continuation of the same group health plan that you were on the day before your insurance was terminated. If the pregnancy is covered now, it will be covered with the COBRA election. As this would be the same policy, the benefits would be the same.

If You Are Not Pregnant

If you are fairly healthy and still want to remain insured, alternatives to COBRA insurance may be available based on where you live. Short-term health insurance is a popular option and available in most states. This can protect you from high medical costs of new injuries or new illnesses that unexpectedly occur while allowing you to use any licensed doctor. Coverage is available up to $1 million per person. For more information and pricing, you can call us at 1-877-262-7241 or complete a free quote online.

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Short-Term Health Insurance is popular and available in most states to cover gaps between major medical plans.

These plans also cover COVID-19 hospitalization.
After deductibles and coinsurance, many plans will have $1 million in coverage.

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