Should I chose COBRA or Medicaid?

Q: My daughter is 18, has graduated from high school, is not currently going to school, and is pregnant. The baby is due after she turns 19. I don’t know if I should apply for COBRA or Medicaid for her. Can you offer me some insight in regards to this issue? Thank you very much, Nancy T. A: If your daughter has come off of your group health plan that is being offered to you by the employer because of “loss of dependent status’, then she is eligible to elect COBRA coverage. That coverage would be a continuation of the same insurance that she had. You would have to discuss coverage with that insurance company to find out details on the pregnancy and birth. With COBRA you would be responsible for 102% of the monthly premiums. Medicaid is a state issued program designed for lower income families to help with medical costs. You will have to contact your state insurance department to see if she would qualify.

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