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Where Are My COBRA Insurance ID Cards?

I have signed up for COBRA and have made payments. Will I be receiving a new insurance card or do I still use my old one?

Since COBRA insurance is continuation of your previous employer’s group health policy, you will be able to use the same ID cards. The old card will be re-activated once your employer has received your COBRA payment.

Your Health Insurance Card

Unless you’ve lost your insurance card, the same one you had should still work. A health insurance card is used to give your healthcare providers, like doctors and clinics, the details to bill your medical expenses to. The information on your Health Insurance ID Cards:

  • Your name and subscriber ID number.
  • Employer’s name and Group Number
  • Your plan type (HMO, PPO, POS, EPO and others)
  • Which benefits are covered and those costs.

Can You Get Dental or Vision Insurance On COBRA?

Not all employer-sponsored insurance is the same. If you need dental or vision insurance while on COBRA, there are ways to get covered.

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