How Do I Start COBRA With Highmark Insurance?

I’m about to retire and am eligible for COBRA on my work’s Highmark Insurance plan. What do I need to get started?

Your employer or their third-party administrator will notify you of your right to continue your health plan with Highmark. The paperwork they will send will provide you with your monthly costs and where to make payments.

As you head into retirement, you are eligible for up to 18 months of COBRA coverage.

What Are The Options For Paying For COBRA?

Your health insurance was paid previously by payroll deduction. While on COBRA, you will pay the full premium and make those payments directly to the employer or their appointed third-party administrator.

Who Is Highmark Insurance?

Highmark Inc. and its affiliated Health Plans (collectively, Health Plans) work diligently to provide high-quality services that are accessible, easy to understand and experience results and solutions suitable for customers. As the fourth largest Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliate, Highmark Inc. and Blue-branded affiliates are proud to serve the insurance needs of more than 6 million members in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia. Its diversified business serves the needs of group and individual clients across the United States through its dental insurance and other related businesses.

Is COBRA Too Expensive?

We are — a private health insurance company, established in 2001, that publishes online information on how the federal COBRA law works. We also provide an alternative to COBRA if it is unavailable or you simply can not afford it. You can remain insured and have health coverage for new illnesses or injuries with Short-Term Medical Insurance

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