How Long Do I Have To Elect COBRA Health Insurance?

Just wanted to know if I can elect COBRA coverage through my previous employer? I was laid off almost 3 years ago. Although I am employed right now, I choose not to participate in my current employer’s health plan because it’s very expensive.

There is a deadline to elect COBRA. In order to elect COBRA, you have to have received the COBRA packet within 45 days of your termination, and make your COBRA election within 60 days of the date of the loss of coverage.

Some States Have Their Own COBRA Laws

The federal COBRA law is in place for all employers with 20 or more employees. Depending on the state the employer is in and the size of the company, a continuation of health insurance benefits may be available.

Affordable Temporary Health Insurance

If you are fairly healthy and still want to remain insured, alternatives to COBRA insurance may be available based on where you live. Short-term health insurance is a popular option and available in most States. This can protect you from high medical costs of new injuries or new illnesses that unexpectedly occur while allowing you to use any licensed doctor. Coverage is available up to $1 million per person. For more information and pricing, you can call us at 1-877-262-7241 or complete a free quote online.

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Short-Term Health Insurance is popular and available in most states to cover gaps between major medical plans.

These plans also cover COVID-19 hospitalization.
After deductibles and coinsurance, many plans will have $1 million in coverage.

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